Monday, August 22, 2016


Everybody knows their big hits "Centerfold" and "Freeze Frame," but the J. Geils Band had amassed 9 studio albums and 2 live albums before hitting it big with their radio-friendly Freeze Frame album.

Here is a look at what came before...


Love Stinks was one of their first hit records with three singles charting, setting the stage for their commercial breakthrough. I open my list with the title track.


During the early days, the band was sometimes at their best covering old R&B numbers, which led to the Covered By Geils compilation, and these two classic tracks, 
"First I Look At The Purse" and "Where Did Our Love Go?"

One Last Kiss hit #35 on the Pop Singles charts in 1979

"I Do" is another cover, from 1977's Monkey Island. While it was not released as a single, and the album led to the band being dropped by Atlantic, a live version became a hit in 1982.

"Raise Your Hand" was from the bands second live album in 1976-the album reached number 40 on the Pop albums chart.

"Must Of Got Lost" hit number 12 on the pop singles chart in 1975.

Two more tracks from the Love Stinks album make my list, "Night Time" and "Just Can't Wait"

Sanctuary was the first album I bought by the band, so I thought I should close my list with another song from that record. Here is "I Don't Hang Around Much Anymore."

Here is a link to the Spotify playlist.