Monday, September 28, 2015


I know Stephen T. McCarthy has posted about his affinity for the David And David Boomtown album, and I did look for the post to link to it, but failed at finding it.

Although, as half of this duo, this album is where David Baerwald first came to prominence.

The album went platinum, spawned a top 40 hit and stayed on the Billboard albums chart for a year, and yet, no one has heard of them, or Baerwald.

Perhaps you don't know him better as being the co-founder (with Bill Bottrell, who you also don't know) of the Tuesday Night Music Club that launched Sheryl Crow's career.

Her you know!

Anyway, in between Boomtown and TNMC, Baerwald released a few fine albums on his own, and I'm betting you never heard of them, either.

Until now.

If you know the combination, the rest is in the Vault...