Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Todd Rundgren:New Album and myRecordFantasy Event Planned

Gigatone Entertainment, a next generation entertainment company based in Sacramento and Hollywood announced the signing of famed artist, producer, composer, and digital pioneer Todd Rundgren to its label.

Rundgren will be recording a new 15-track album and will invite fans into the studio to participate in the project via Gigatone's myRecordFantasy three-day fantasy camp.

A Wizard, A True Star, the title of Todd Rundgren's 1973 solo album aptly sums up the contributions of this multi-faceted artist to state-of-the-art music.

As a songwriter, video pioneer, producer, recording artist, computer software developer, conceptualist, and interactive artist, Rundgren has made a lasting impact on both the form and content of popular music, and has along the way created a body of work that is among the most intriguing and impressive in Rock and Roll history.

In addition to writing and recording myriad evergreen hit songs and being universally acknowledged as the godfather of the marriage of music and multimedia, his more than 100 production projects include multi-platinum albums by Cheap Trick, Grand Funk Railroad, Patti Smith, Hall & Oates, XTC, and of course Meat Loaf's seminal game-changer "Bat Out Of Hell."

"Signing such an accomplished superstar as Todd not only thrills us but shows that our new approach towards music creation and its acceptance by artists and fans is changing the market," said Mitchell Koulouris, CEO of Gigatone Entertainment. "Todd is renowned throughout the industry for skills and artistry that put him at a level of the Rock and Roll elite."

Rundgren's new album project will be the subject of a new myRecordFantasy event where he will be in the studio along with fans participating in the studio.

Held at The Track Shack Studios in Sacramento, Rundgren will lead a once-in-a-lifetime event for his most devoted fans to see and live the experience of a rock star making a new album. These fans will be the lucky few that not only live it, but also have the opportunity to perform on the album.


  1. Any chance you'll be one of those fans?

  2. Alex-

    I have not seen the particulars on how and when, but if I can swing it financially, I'm there.


  3. >> Meat Loaf's seminal game-changer "Bat Out Of Hell."

    What was "game-changing" about 'Bat Out Of Hell'?

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  4. Stephen-

    Had you ever listened to the album (back then)?

    It was a pretty different sound back in 1977 (very bombastic and Wagnerian).

    And the royalties from producing that album bought Todd beachfront property in Hawaii.

    So even if you were to disagree with it having any musical significance, trust me-

    Going from Upper Darby (Pa) to the beach in Hawaii-that's a game change!

  5. Hmmm...
    Sounds more "state-changing" to me.

    ~ D-FensDogg

  6. Yeah, but he did it right. We "state changed" and ended up in Airheadzona!

  7. Boy, are you ever RIGHT about THAT!
    [They shoot horses, don't they? Someone, please excercise your Second Amendment right and put me out of my misery!]

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'