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Since the whole focus of this blog is CD reviews, I’m approaching the “A to Z” challenge by posting a review from a different artist for each letter of the alphabet.

In the interests of full disclosure, many of these are reviews that were previously posted on my blog on My Space, and while they are new posts to this blog, and new to most of you, they are not new work on my part, except for going and retrieving them from My Space and gathering cover images and alphabetizing them. I guess that’s work.

But that enabled me to get a head start, and since April is a pretty busy month for me, the head start allowed me to participate. Think of this as a way to catch up on some of the music you missed over the past few years, as I suspect that many of these artists you will not have heard of, although some, of course, are household names.

If reading any of these ramblings inspires you to go check out the artist’s music, I hope you’ll come back with comments on what you think after listening for yourself.

Links to sound bytes or video clips are in red font.

Another classic re-issue from Rock Candy Records, "Night Of The Crime", Icon's second album, is considered a classic in its genre. Thanks to the efforts of Ron Nevison (mixing) and Bob Halligan (writing), "Night Of The Crime" was a big step forward from the self-titled debut.

The album featured many highlights that makes one wonder why the band was not bigger twenty years ago.

Sadly, immediately after the release, vocalist Stephen Clifford announced that he was quitting the band. Although a replacement was quickly found, the band was soon dropped by the label.

A solid album from one of those bands that should have made a bigger splash.

Out For Blood
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    Hey, I actually liked the moody, atmospheric intro - it had me thinking 'Golden Earring circa "Grab It For A Second" mixed with... something else'.

    As soon as the "head-banging" started they began losing me. And the moment the vocals came in, I was completely lost.

    I would have probably dug it, however, at that same point in my life when I was digging Judas Priest.

    Man, there sure is a lot of music out there that I am unaware of.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'