Friday, December 23, 2011



Candice Night started out as a model.

The Long Island native transitioned to radio in her twenties; seeming destined for a career in communications.

In 1989 she approached rock legend Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple, Rainbow) for an autograph.

It wasn’t long before she was singing backup for Deep Purple on tour.

Now married to Blackmore, Candice Night is the lead singer of Blackmore’s Night.

Candice Night is not just the beneficiary of good fortune; however, she is a serious vocalist who has also performed with the likes of Sass Jordan, Glenn Hughes and Beto Velazquez.

Night strikes out on her own with Reflections, a collection of ten power ether rock songs that show off her voice in fine fashion.

Night’s voice is highly trained, a fact that becomes quickly evident on the opening track, “Wind Is Calling (Hush The Wind)”.

Night mixes hard pallet sounds with a soft tone in unusual and intriguing fashion. The melody is utterly memorable, built within a well-constructed arrangement that’s part lullaby and part fairytale.

Night serves up high-energy, vocal driven rockers with catchy choruses that could be breakout hits with the right push and the right luck.

Other songs, such as “Black Roses,” are pretty and haunting; dark but with a sparkle of light in the middle. Night gets ethereal, plays on the edge of innuendo and plays on Celtic themes with gorgeous melodies that will haunt you long after the album has finished playing.

Reflections is a successful collection of songs that perhaps don’t exactly fit within the Blackmore’s Night songbook, but are perfectly fitting to Candice Night’s voice and style. There are a couple of down moments her, but on the whole the album is entertaining and worth spending some time with. Night does the ethereal and lyric stuff so well, but she is surprisingly good when she lifts her face into the headwinds of rock and roll and lets loose as well. Reflections is a worthwhile trip.



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