Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I have never been a huge fan of Spin magazine, but subscribed because they kep rates cheap and I like to read reviews of new CD's.

This year they redid the magazine to the point where I am even less of a fan of it's style, plus they dropped the new CD reviews. Renewal is not a strong possibility.

They did have an article this month called Shredder Alive where they ranked roughly two hundred guitarists on attributes such as volume, emotion, originality, technique and "shreditude."

"Shreditude-" now do you see why I'm simply too old to read this magazine?

Anyway, what makes this one worth noting to me is that a certain Rundgren character is ranked at number 55, ahead of such contemporaries as Brian May, Frank Zappa, Ron Wood and Lindsey Buckingham.

Todd Rundgren was also ranked ahead of Buddy Guy and Stevie Ray Vaughan-a bit of a surprise, although he has played a wider range of styles than they have.

Okay, so 54 guitarists were ranked better than Todd. But 145 were ranked behind him, and most people hearing Todd's name follow it up with...

"Todd who?"

Nice to see him recognized, even from a questionable authority.

Live At Hammersmith Odeon '75 now available from Shout Factory-features a young Luther Vandross on background vocals!

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  1. Never cared for spin either. A music publication without CD reviews makes no sense.

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