Saturday, July 21, 2012


Together for more than a decade, Pinnacle plays music that is accessible, song-based, and melodic;  employing time changes and other techniques attributed to progressive rock in techniques that are some what understated and appear so natural that many listeners may miss them all together.

A Blueprint for Chaos is Pinnacle's third album and with the addition of a singer/keyboardist to enhance their sound, makes the original trio a quartet.

With influences as disparate as Mahavishnu Orchestra, Spock's Beard, Klaatu, Marillion and Bruce Springsteen, Pinnacle can "prog" with the best of them but are not afraid of a well-written pop tune.

Unlike many current acts who make an obvious attempt to recall the seventies progressive sounds, Pinnacle seem to simply play things their way, and the influences are there in the mix, while the sound is modern and had an edge. The longer pieces draw you into the listening experience, and I recommend playing it on a proper system (no MP3) with some headphones.

A band who deserve to be heard.

Available at CD BABY or at the band's website. While you're there, you might want to pick up Meld, the last release as well. You'll want to hear more eventually, and you'll save on postage.


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