Friday, November 7, 2014


My friend Glenn, who handles merchandise for Spock's Beard and the annual Rites Of Spring progressive rock festival in Gettysburg (ROSFest) also does merchandise for the Travis Larson band, who he turned me onto when I saw him in Chicago recently (at Progtoberfest, as if there were not already enough references in that sentence).

Glenn does all this in addition to his family and day job responsibilities, and I need to take a nap just thinking about it.

But here are a couple of clips to introduce you to the Travis larson Band....


  1. I paused my spotify to listen to this!!!

    Not bad at all ;)

  2. I am listening to the first one as I type this comment.

    My first thought as I read the intro to this: "For someone who lives in Phoenix, LC sure spends a lot of time in Chicago." Am I remembering wrong other references to being in Chicago recently made on your blog???? Maybe I am just losing my mind, which is not out of the question.

    Back to the band... I've never heard these guys before (shocking, I know!). Make it these guys and gal. I kept waiting for someone to sing. Are they strictly an instrumental band? Or just these two songs?

    1. Strictly instrumental...and your memory is good-I was there a few weeks ago for a progressive rock festival (flew in Friday night, back Sunday, went to day one of Progtoberfest).

      Spock's Beard was the headliner for day one, and I'd met their merchandise guru a few times. He mentioned working with this band and I liked what I heard when I checked them out. I'd prefer vocals, though....

  3. These are some really nice videos. Thanks for sharing this music.