Monday, March 23, 2015

IN THE VAULT 03/23/2015

Moon Safari was one of the bands I discovered on last year's Cruise To The Edge, and as a guy who leans towards vocals, their harmonies were quite a treat. 

Progressive music with layered vocals a la Brian Wilson or Todd Rundgren. 

I saw both their shows on the cruise and might have ventured to their Mexico show had I known about it with enough lead time...a truly great band who pulls off live what they create in the studio.

They are also on deck (get it?) for this year's incarnation of the cruise.

Their third album, Lover's End, is this week's vault addition. 

The Vault includes the Lover's End Part 3 EP so you can listen to the whole saga.

Here is Lover's End Part 1 to whet your appetite...


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    1. Probably not your style, Alex (leans pop) but you may appreciate their ability.