Monday, April 6, 2015

IN THE VAULT 04/06/2015

Few things can get me in a good mood as quickly as a perfect power-pop song,

Turn on Badfinger's "No Matter What" or The Raspberries' "I Wanna BeWith You," and I'm good.

Power-pop is a genre that never really goes away, but there are a few works that simply stand apart. Jellyfish's second release from 1993, Spilt Milk, is one such gem.

I don't recall what led me to buy this title, whether it was in-store play or a review. I do know I got it at Compact Disc World in south Jersey (route 70, forget the town, the store closed a decade or so ago, very sad).

I still spin this one frequently, and sprung for the deluxe reissue a couple of months ago (needed all those bonus tracks even though most of them were on the box set I bought years ago).

Here for your listening pleasure is a classic song from a classic record.

And here is Jellyfish covering Badfinger's classic...

Those of you with the key can check out more in The Vault...


  1. That's classified as power-pop, huh? I'm always surprised when I hear something labeled as pop and I like it, because, well, I always associate pop with negative connotations.

    I really enjoyed this and I'm looking forward to checking out the rest.

    1. "Pop" is a pretty broad spectrum, and kind of refers to the music of the day.

      "Power-pop" tends to mimic 's British and American rock, with strong melodies, crisp vocal harmonies and prominent guitar riffs, with instrumental solos kept to a minimum.

      In effect, the three-minute pop song with an edge.

    2. I just realized I never put the rest of the album in the's there now, and I'll leave it up for the next week