Monday, September 14, 2015


My last post highlighted a title I wish I'd come up with, and this post is all about the lyrics.

You know the kind I mean-when you hear them, you wish you'd thought of them first!

I bought this CD a month or so ago and on Saturday I finally got around to listening to it. 

Boy do I wish I'd played it sooner. Liked every song, but song number five hit me with this line...

I ain't afraid of lonely
Lonely and I will get along just fine

That one resonated with me.

I also dug this line from the same song-tell me you've never felt this way after a breakup, right?

There's a pile of books that I been wanting to read
Now I finally have the time

Clicking on the lyrics above will take you to the album version of the song (and Mr. Keller's Bandcamp page)-below is a live version from You Tube.

This album is also featured in TheVault this week. 

That's right, faithful-just because I haven't posted here doesn't mean I haven't been putting music out there. 

If you have the link, you should check The Vault every Monday.

If you don't have the link, you may want to start groveling...(or sending me an e-mail will work)

Last week's selection is still there as well...

It's a cheap (free) way to check out music you would have otherwise probably never heard of...all I ask is that if you like it, you consider buying it and play it for your friends....gotta support the artists if we want to have access to music deeper than One Direction.


  1. I'm trying to think of songs/songwriters who consistently impress me with their lyrics. Mary Chapin Carpenter nails it much of the time for me. There are plenty of songs by Alison Krauss that I really relate to. I've found when I listen to my playlist that way too many of the songs are rather sad. I'm hoping that as I feel better I will begin to resonate to happier songs.

    I think this one by Alison Krauss has excellent lyrics.

  2. While my dislike for country tuning is not exactly a secret, that tuning style certainly suits songs for the lovelorn.

    There is a lot of good songwriting in country music, it's just hard for me to get past the required execution.

    Any good lyric may resonate with me-does not have to be a sad one. This song hit me at first with the title line because I tend to spend a lot of time alone and am generally ok with that-so I was not thinking breakup song at first. But the line about "now I can finally read all those books" really cracked me up-how many times have people ended a relationship and looked for rationalization that it's for the best?

  3. It's okay, I don't like country music either. For good lyrics I like folk rock. Dallas Green (aka City and Colour) is fantastic with meaningful lyrics surrounded by music I actually like.

    Currently streaming Dave Keller right now. I like what I hear so far.

    And for the record, I always stream an album before I buy. Always. But if I love it, I always buy it. And I always support the artist. It's amazing to me how many people are willing to pirate the music of a starving Indie artist that's actually worth a damn.

    1. Bryan-I expect you have a different take since you also make your living through your art.

      It amazes me, too-people do not see music piracy as stealing.

  4. "Lonely" has a nice retro sound.

    There are plenty of songs I wish I could claim as my own.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    1. That's what keeps me buying music-I love that feeling I get when I hear a lyric that resonates with me.

  5. I enjoyed the Dave Keller Band song. Not only the lyrics but I like the band's sound. I'll check out his site. Thanks.