Tuesday, May 31, 2016


As I have been going through my collection and digitizing it for upload to the cloud, I have come across some duplicate titles that I am offering for sale here.

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Buy one CD and $6 gets it to your door (I pay the postage)

Buy four CD's for $20 and the postage costs you nothing (buy 4-9 CD's and they are $5 each)

Buy ten CD's for $40 and I'll charge half of what I normally charge for postage. Buy 10 or more CD's and they are $4 each!

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One exception to the above prices-for the item below marked PROMO, I am giving away the CD for FREE (not really mine to sell), and only asking for $3 to cover the postage. And if you buy four or more CD's, I'll give you the promo CD at no cost.

I may even throw in other promotional CD's I have accumulated over the years-would like to see them get listened to.

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I have sold on both eBay and Amazon under the name DiscConnected, and have favorable ratings on both sites so you can buy with confidence.

I accept PayPal or you can pay via a money order. Drop me a line at discconnected@gmail.com if you are interested.

I do not really plan to make this a retail site, but thought I'd see if any readers were interested in picking up any of these titles before I took them to a CD store for trade.

**updated June 1-found some more titles for the list