Friday, July 15, 2016


Veteran Australian rocker Jimmy Barnes returns with Soul Searchin, an album of R&B covers recorded in Nashville with such luminaries as Steve Cropped and Dan Penn.

A household name in Australia, Barnes is a virtual unknown on these shores, and since even if there was such thing as radio this would never get played, this album should do little to spread the word in the US.

Barnes debuted at number one in Australia with this release, and pulled ahead of the Beatles (also down under) with his 15th number one album.

I wanted to try something different, this being the fifteenth of the month.

Suppose I was to post a version of one of the songs from this album that I am partial to...

Then I could post another version of the same song by a different artist.

Who knows? Some of you might feel compelled to leave an opinion in the comments stating your preference.

It would be like the two songs were competing against each other...almost in a battle!

Now I do not want this to imply that I am participating in any kind of orchestrated blog activity.

In fact, if you see a resemblance between this post and an organized blog activity, it is purely coincidental.

And lest I forget Jimmy Barnes' new album, there is also a deluxe edition of the album with even more songs on a bonus disc!


  1. Had to listen to the entire Jimmy Barnes clip! Excellent. Thanks.

    1. Are you familiar with Jimmy's music? Kind of a change from his early days!

  2. I just now discovered this blog bit. I don't think it appeared in my Dashboard when you first posted it.

    Can't listen to music at work, but will return when I can and cast a vote in this non-BOTB BOTB.

    I'd invite you to rejoin BOTB, but right after you left we all got together and changed the bylaws to state that no one is allowed to use Todd Rundgren songs in BOTB. That of course leaves you with no material to use -- your music collection being as limited as it is.

    ~ D-FensDogG

    1. Since the whole bottom section was meant for you, I was wondering if and when you'd stop by.

      I won't join any blog event I am invited to-any event that would invite me is not worth my time.

  3. I don't remember encountering the name Jimmy Barnes. But that guy is good, and this would have made a nice "official" BOTB installment.

    Surprisingly, as much as I love 'THE COMMITMENTS' (which you introduced me to), I'd have to vote for Barnes on this song. For sure.

    Who is that guy playing guitar and singing harmony? He looks just like Cowboy Jack Clement did years ago. Clement was a producer for Waylon Jennings, and he worked with Waylon on his great song 'WAYMORE'S BLUES'.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. If you read my reply to your comment on the "Star Trek" post you'll know how hard it was to get you this info (reading not an easy thing right now), but on the CD it is Dan Penn singing harmony and Rob McNelly playing guitar.

      Barnes started playing music you probably wouldn't like-straight ahead early 80's rock-but his last few have been R&B.