Monday, February 13, 2017


Just days after announcing that he was retiring from touring after being hospitalized for exhaustion, legendary jazz singer Al Jarreau has passed away.

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Jarreau’s unique singing style helped to make him one of jazz’s greatest vocalists.

Dubbed “the voice of versatility” by the Chicago Tribune, Jarreau released 16 studio albums, a host of live albums, and several compilations. The consummate performer, Jarreau constantly toured the world, dazzling audiences with his magical voice.

Jarreau passed away at a Los Angeles hospital early Sunday morning. The singer leaves behind his wife, Susan, and his son, Ryan. He was 76.

Most people will remember Jarreau for the theme to the television show Moonlighting-my blog post title borrows from those lyrics..

Jarreau's L Is For Lover CD has been a favorite of mine for decades (one of my earliest CD purchases in 1987).

Rest In Peace, Mr. Jarreau!

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