Friday, March 9, 2018


Spock’s Beard have announced that their 13th studio album, Noise Floor will be released on May 25.

The lineup of Ted Leonard, Alan Morse, Dave Meros and Ryo Okumoto will be joined by drummer and original band member Nick D’Virgilio, who left the band in 2011.

Vocalist and guitarist Ted Leonard, says: “We are always about evolution, not revolution. But what we have done this time is make the songs more melodic.

“We still love our crazy prog, but now appreciate how important it is to grab people's attention early on.”

As for the recording process behind Noise Floor, Leonard says: “We all do this type of thing in our home studios. So, by the time they reach the stage where the entire band get to judge them, they are really developed, and therefore everyone can make a reasoned judgement.”

The album will also feature two violinists, a cello player, a viola player and an English horn, which is said to give Noise Floor a “slightly more evocative and persuasive twist.”

The album will be released on CD, LP, and on digital platforms.

Spock’s Beard Noise Floor tracklist

Disc 1 – Noise Floor

To Breathe Another Day
What Becomes of Me
Somebody’s Home
Have We All Gone Crazy Yet
So This Is Life
One So Wise
Box of Spiders

Disc 2 – Cutting Room Floor

Days We’ll Remember
Armageddon Nervous


  1. So a little less prog?
    While I'm not a big fan of the band, I did see them in concert during one of the Prog Nation tours with Dream Theater. They were really good.

    1. I wonder what he meant-there are still only eight tracks, so unless they don't fill up the CD, it ought to be proggy enough!