Friday, October 7, 2011



The title of the 2007 release from Doc Rogers And The Roc Dodgers echoes a saying I have said many times, although I phrase it as "life's too short to eat bad pizza."

Starting out, we have a sound philosophy.

The album itself straddles the border between country and blues, and the rockabilly neighborhood is not too far a trip.

The lyrics come from the Weird Al Yakovic or Randy Newman school of writing.

Stephen T. McCarthy did a post a while back where he likened Terry Rangno's lyrical style to Jim Stafford (remember Spiders And Snakes and My Girl Bill from the 70's?). Normally I'm not a fan of such albums-they tend to strike me as novelty discs, and does anyone really ever pull out their old Weird Al CD's?

This album holds together better than any novelty album, however, and the lyrical themes from 2007 still hold up in 2011. They are funny, but I'll warn you ther are a little on the conservative side, but so true. To keep this a bipartisan music only post, I won't quote them too much.

"I know them talkin’ heads would never lie to me

I know it’s all the truth, I seen it on TV"

The guitar work is provided by Larry Rosen, who is also featured in Slavin David's band, and gives a nice look at his range-not so much a departure from the more rocking blues of the Rock And Roll Road album, but putting a different spin on those blues riffs.

This is not an album for teenagers, or adults who think Lady GaGa is sophisticated. If you like folksy blues
and intelligent lyrical themes, this is an album for you.

If you want dance pop or "America Rules" anthems, there are plenty other discs out there to choose from, but you way want to listen to this one anyway and cultivate your tastes and your mind.

I couldn't find any clips, but HERE is a link to a page with samples. You can order the disc from CD Baby at this link HERE.


  1. I not the novelty disc fan that I was when I was a kid, but I gotta say that Weird Al is great. The production values, especially on some of his stuff in the last decade, is on target and the lyrics are hilarious. I don't own any of his albums, but what I've heard has been excellent. "Amish Paradise" is genius. "Sounds Like Nirvana" is one of the funniest songs and videos I have heard and seen--he really got that one right.

    Tossing It Out

  2. Lee-

    I'd agree with your evaluation of Al (great writing and production), and have often contemplated adding some of his stuff to my collection.

    I just don't think I'd ever pull the old ones out and listen to them.

    My favorite was the Madonna parody ("Like A Surgeon")

    "Like a surgeon,
    Cuttin' for the very first time
    Like a surgeon
    Here's a waiver for you to sign"


  3. Lee-

    Follow-up comment...

    The Doc Rodgers lyrics are adult, politcially-themed but very relevant, as well as funny.