Saturday, May 19, 2012



2012 has seen too many passings in the music world. Most recently, disco queen Donna Summer lost her struggle with cancer Thursday at age 63.

When I was in high school in the seventies, you were either rock or disco, and the two camps were like the Jets and the Sharks-the worlds were segregated.

However, "Love To Love You Baby" had a way of connecting with teenage boys.

I'd say it was due to a catchy hook, but who would I be kidding-it was the sexy moans and suggestive lyrics that triggered adoloescent fantasies.

Heck, if I were to listen to it now, it could probably trigger a daydream or two!

When I was old enough for the clubs, her music was inescapable, as well. She continued to release songs that charted on Billboard's dance charts into the new millenium, as recently as October 2010.

If you ventured onto dance floors over the last thirty-five years, you probably danced to the music of Donna Summer. It's a shame she is no longer with us.


  1. Good word, my friend. I don't have any Donna Summer tunes on my iPod, but I certainly know her hits. When I opened Twitter up that morning, I couldn't help but bemoan her passing. As I told my wife, it isn't as if I listened to her stuff recently, but she still marks a part of our lives that is now gone. Does that make any sense? Perhaps I need to surf over to iTunes and rectify this omission.
    Take care, my man.


  2. It was sad to lose her. I was not in the disco camp, but you're right - everyone knew her music. She was both talented and beautiful.

  3. James & Alex-

    I too was in the rock camp, but since I was in the dance clubs throughout the 80's, it's not like I never heard her stuff.

    Too many of the musicians we grew up with have left us this year.

    Sadly, I do not see any young upstarts that I expect would still be charting songs in their sixties, as Donna did.


  4. I enjoyed a lot of disco music, but I certainly wasn't part of the disco scene. I especially enjoyed the Bee Gees and Donna Summer--liked just about everything they did. The passing of Donna is a sad one.

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