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Benoit David is back where he started, and as fans of the progressive band Mystery might say, back  where he belongs.

After a four-year stint as a front man for progressive legends Yes, he was dumped as unceremoniously as Jon Anderson was, and for a similar reason-he was ill and needed to postpone a tour for a few months.

Mystery was orinally formed as a studio project in 1986 by Michel St-Pere. Several lineup changes ensued, and David joined the band after being seen by St. Pere fronting a Yes tribute band.

No, really-I could not make that one up! From Yes tribute band to Yes! Only in Canada!

The World Is A Game is the third album with David on vocals, and he continues to deliver.

This is an interesting album and while I do not like it as much as 2010's great One Among The Living album, it does manage to capture the quality of Mystery with perhaps a little more refinement, but lacking some of the melodic strength of its predecessor.

Of course, one cannot expect every album any group produces to be progressively better than the last one (no pun intended), and it is an excellent album. Benoit David shines with his great vocals and Michel St Pere's musical ability is in clear evidence, the album tying together nicely. Mystery are a superb group and St Pere is a genuinely humble and decent fellow who can write a mean tune and I look forward to many more great albums in future years.For fans of the last two albums, a must. If you are new to the band, I would recommend One Among The Living as a starting point. I would also encourage fans to check out the Yes album Fly From Here featuring Benoit David on vocals. PRIDE

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