Monday, April 22, 2013

"S" IS FOR...



Fractured Eye is the fourth offering from US progressive act Slychosis, with a sound firmly rooted in progressive canon and a focus on melody, taking a trick or two from Rush’s synthesizer-heavy 80’s era.

Building on their last effort, Slychosis still seem to be finding their “sound,” at times conjuring powerful emotional energy with quirky symphonic overtures and a polished sense of production and performance.

Although they seem to place an emphasis on melody, hooks are somewhat lacking, making for a pleasant album, but one that leaves the listener a little less than sated.

Still, each album shows an improvement trend, and it is enjoyable listening to the band evolve (or should I say progress?).

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  1. I like this cut. I hear the Rush sound. Kind of a 70's influence I'd say.

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