Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"Z" IS FOR....



Crush Of Night continues the trilogy begun with 2009’s The Darkened Room by New York based prog band IZZ.

 Founded by the Galgano brothers Tom and John nearly 15 years ago, IZZ layers their prog with catchy retro styled hooks, symphonic touches and distinctive vocal harmonies.

No filler here, as the band has delivered an excellent album with strong musicianship and solid, mature songs  in a more accessible style, with a guest appearance from prog royalty, Gary Green of Gentle Giant on two songs.

It seems as if the band is able to draw from an endless well of musical ideas, creating stellar song arrangements that evolve in unexpected directions, remaining grounded by strong melodies and catchy hooks, culminating with the 26 minute title suite that is the album’s centerpiece.

The musicianship and vocals are top notch, with a mood that changes from soothing to an all out assault in a matter of seconds, fueled by dual drumming in perfect sync (a la King Crimson).

Crush of Night passionately delivers on all fronts by creating a sound that is uniquely IZZ.



* Yeah, I know "IZZ" for the letter "Z" is a big stretch....but find me a prog band whose name begins with the letter Z (let alone one who released an album last year)!


  1. I was just going to give you heck about the iZZ stretch until I read your disclaimer at the end. . . . I like the sound of iZZ they have a really good sound!

  2. A little lighter than I like my prog rock. Listened to a few tunes on iTunes - reminds me a little of Porcupine Tree.

  3. Great stuff! Congrats on finishing the challenge!

    #atozchallenge, Kristen's blog: kristenhead.blogspot.com