Thursday, April 3, 2014


Okay, one last post and then the sabbatical starts!

I am on an e-mail discussion list for Todd Rundgren (big surprise there), and the threads over the past year have been more often than not not related to the man or his music.

There was a lot of recent traffic from two sets of parents who lost children.

I have never been a parent, nor am I likely to be at my age, but the thread reminded me that my parents did lose a child, and I lost a sister.

Death sucks. 

Death at age 34 is just WRONG.

I watched my mother go through losing her youngest child, and it is not something I would wish on anyone.

So I feel for those parents. And I wish I could tell them that the loss goes away, but I am not sure it does.

Although it does get easier to live with.

MaryAnne Cavanaugh was more than my kid sister, she was my closest friend. 

And you have to take "kid sister" with a grain of salt, because as adults, I leaned on her for advice and counsel far more than she ever sought me out.

MaryAnne died at age 34 from melanoma, and I still think of her quite often and miss her.

Today would have been her 50th birthday, and I thought that was worth mentioning.

Or at least it was to me.

I turned off the comment feature today. If you're reading this and Mare was a friend of yours, I hope you think of her often as well.

There is a story to this song that relates to my sister that I've already told on another post here.

I thought the song was a good way to close this remembrance of things past.