Monday, May 12, 2014


When a CD collection as large as mine comes up in conversation, one silly question that almost everyone asks is, “do you listen to all of them?

Well obviously not all at once.

Lately, I have been picking a handful of discs at random each week (or so), in an effort to make sure I get to some of the titles I may not otherwise pick up. 

So here's what I'm listening to...

This post is not about hitting the archives for music-I still buy way too many CD's. Here are a few I picked up this week.

New in stores last Tuesday was multi-platinum singer Natalie Merchant's self-titled album, her sixth solo collection (and her first of entirely original songs in 13 years).

Natalie’s music brings me back to a lady I dated during the early 90’s who loved (and turned me on to) the music of 10,000 Maniacs, and I kept following Merchant long after I stopped following my lady friend (who shall remain nameless in this post).

Also new this week was a new disc from Ben Harper, a collaboration with his mother Ellen (and a far cry from his last effort, where his partner-in-crime was Charlie Musselwhite). 

If you are looking for a rocking affair, this is not it, mostly serving up folk songs in an acoustic style.

Finally, a solo album arrived from Stryper frontman Michael Sweet. Stryper is another band whose music makes me think of someone from my past.

They were also the first Christian band I liked on their musical merits-although I have since come to begrudgingly admit that my sister, who for a stretch listened exclusively to Christian rock, did have some gems in her collection.

Michael has had a roller coaster ride these past few years, losing his first wife, singing lead for Boston, reforming Stryper, meeting and marrying his second wife-makes me tired just thinking about it.

This album does not veer too far from the Stryper path, and fans of the band or of Michael's previous efforts should like this one.


  1. Of these artists, Natalie Merchant is my favorite. Or maybe just the one I listen to most. Whatever. I saw her in concert about ten years ago. She is a TINY person with this huge voice. It was somewhat difficult to reconcile the two. It only made me admire her more. I wasn't aware that she had a new album out, but I will definitely check it out. Thanks!!!

    1. Robin-

      I do not like this as much as her earlier efforts, but it's still pretty good. Kind of hard to top the first solo album.

      Have you ever seen Tori Amos? I saw her once in a few thousand seat theater, and at one point she just sand without the mic....the audience was quiet, and her voice just filled the space.

      If you've never heard Little Earthquakes, I recommend it highly.


  2. My mother has a CD collection like that. It's insane. It's bigger than her book collection. Weirder still is that I can ask her where any given CD is and she can point to it on the spot.

    Also, I like that clip with Ben and Ellen Harper. They have a good sound together. And kudos to any man who can work with his mother. God knows I never could.

    1. Some of us would say that instead of "insane," your mother's collection is "enlightened."

      I used to be able to find them that quick, but the room is a little unorganized lately.


  3. I brought up Stryper in a Bible study class the other night, wondering whatever happened to them. The class leader, who is much younger than I, said they were still playing so I guess this confirms that. I liked them in the day, but not so much the music I would listen to now.

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    1. Lee-

      I've reviewed their recent CD's-a couple of links below...

      I still like the sound of the band, although I find I do not return to them like I used to.