Monday, July 20, 2015

IN THE VAULT 07/20/2015

This week, as I look forward to the new Spock's Beard album dropping next month, I wanted to look back on one of their earlier works.

Their tenth album, "X," was (in my opinion) their best effort with second lead singer Nick D'Virgilio, and would prove to the last time he ventured into the studio with the band.

Featuring a couple of tunes with Neal Morse co-writing credits, a kick-ass instrumental from keyboard virtuoso Ryo, this album was solid from top to bottom.


  1. I wonder if they've ever done the Prog Nation tour with Dream Theater?

    1. They did open for DT way back in '99 or '00 (Scenes From A Memory Tour)-I saw the Phoenix show on the second leg of that tour-that was my into to Spock's Beard.

      I just learned that Neal Morse (with Mike Portnoy on drums) is on this November's Cruise To The Edge.

  2. I'm well familiar with this album. This is some very fine music.

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