Monday, December 21, 2015


One of my first MTV crushes was Patty Smyth, lead singer for Scandal. I was fortunate enough to see the band and work security when they played my college, but did not get the chance to see her perform live again for a couple of decades.

This year, Patty released a Christmas album, Come On December. While last year I featured a different Christmas release from my collection for each day of the season, this year, this is all you're getting.

Serves ya right-you been naughty!


  1. And yet after reading that title all I can think of is this. Patty Smyth beats that by a mile, even if she doesn't sing that particular song. Ahhh, this is so much better.

  2. These were the only two songs I could find on You Tube, but the Mariah song is not one of the others on the album.

    It's a shame Patty has been so reluctant to release music (only four albums released in 35 years)-I was glad to hear her sing again even though most of her selections on the disc are the same ones everybody else does.

  3. Tell me once you're broken how you unbreak.

    I've not heard that song before. Really liked it. Thanks for sharing... even though I been nothin' but naughty.

    1. I'm expecting a stocking full of coal myself, Robin! Merry Christmas!