Monday, December 28, 2015


Back when this album was released, Steve Forbert was billed as the "new" Dylan.

Even though the lead single (Romeo's Tune) from his follow-up was a hit, he soon vanished from the mainstream (although he's continued to release music-upwards of forty titles counting the live releases sold from his web site).

I loved the debut-I heard Goin' Down To Laurel on Ed Sciacky's radio show in Philly, and ran out and bought the record.

New Dylan? 

I guess not, but who could live up to that hype? 

That's how Springsteen was hyped, but it took the club mix of Dancing In The Dark for him to hit it big.

Forbert has always stayed pretty true to his roots (Mississippi roots, so that means folk/rock with country flavor).

Here's the song that won me over.

And here are a couple more of my favorites...

The rest is in the vault. Songs 1 through 5 are side one of the record, and I must have worn those grooves flat-that album side was one of my favorites for crashing to.

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