Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Anthony Mendelson had an idea.

He got a team and raised some money and went on Kickstarter, where he asked for 300k and got nearly a million.

And that's when the hard part started. Not only did they have to design and manufacture the product, they had to make a deal with Spotify!

The streaming giant said yes, and the rest is history.

Enter The Mighty.

So why buy The Mighty when you can use your phone, you ask?

Maybe you don't want to carry your phone around for every activity, like if you want to jog or ski or hike or bicycle. Phones now cost upwards of $500, are heavy and easily broken.

The Mighty is tiny and water resistant, and the next iteration will be waterproof.

The Mighty is roughly the same size, shape, weight and price as an iPod shuffle.

The Mighty lets you store your Spotify music off-line so you can listen even when there is no cell or wi-fi signal, and from what I have read, set-up is seamless.

You download the app, go through the prompts, and The Mighty works, right out of the box.

You go through the prompts, and then you can synch playlists. You can't shuffle the songs in those playlists, not yet, but you push a button and a voice comes on to tell you you've switched to the next playlist, its name is spoken.

The rest is intuitive. Forward and backward buttons, up and down volume buttons, and a pause/play button at the center.

You can use Bluetooth or wired headphones, and you charge the unit through the headphone jack with a USB cord.

For a first generation product, The Mighty sounds pretty impressive.

To be sure, there have been a few minor glitches. 

You cannot shuffle quite yet, although it's coming, as is voice control, in version 2.

Spotify saw the future of how people would consume music.

Mighty saw the future of how people would take Spotify on the go.

And I sit looking at a room full of CD’s and wonder how this all happened so fast!


  1. This is a neat gadget. It would be perfect for work because I'm one of the few people who don't have unlimited data. Thanks!

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

    1. It's funny to me, Elsie, as it is sort of retro, looking like the old Shuffle, but with phones costing as much as they do and being as large as they are, I think it is a timely invention.

      Hopefully future software updates will allow use on multiplle streaming platforms (Pandora, etc).