Sunday, January 23, 2011


By now everyone reading this should know how Radiohead released their latest album, "In Rainbows," without being signed to a major label as a download-only album, asking their fans to pay them "what they feel is fair."

Crazy? Maybe not. Radiohead has about a million die-hard fans, many of whom will probably order the limited edition package at forty pounds sterling. Many more will certainly pay at least the suggested price for the downloads (interestingly enough, according to a Billboard article, a couple of artists who have sold their work in a similar manner actually averaged more per unit than their suggested price).

The music is as inspiring as the band's refreshing business model. While many of the songs are sonically sparse when compared to their more guitar-rock oriented work, this stripped down approach makes the material feel more human.

One lyric has Thom Yorke singing "I'd be crazy not to follow/follow where you lead." Musicians are watching to see how this ends financially up for Radiohead and are thinking the same thing.


  1. An excellent choice I remember of course The Jackson Five, whilst I had my three children I was too busy to buy albums or indeed listen but have now got my interest back.
    I was upset about Gerry Rafferty as I had to go to the hospital for an x-ray not knowing he was in the same hospital. Did you ever get his album"On The Wing Of A Prayer"
    It was the only one I had.

    Thanks for your visit and comment I do appreciate it.


  2. The Jackson Five, wow, that takes me back. All that talk about revolvers means I'm outta here! You are serious about your music.

  3. Yvonne-

    I have seven Rafferty CD's and "Wing" is one of them. I'm surprised-most people would have "City To City," the one with "Baker Street."


    The revolver talk was a private joke-Stephen McCarthy kept asking what my ten songs would be if someone put a gun to my head, to which I kept countering, who would put a gun to my head and just want to know my ten favorite songs.

    The only kind of gun I have much experience with is a water pistol.