Thursday, March 10, 2011


Just a reminder to sign up for Arlee Bird's (and his posse of co-hosts) Blogging A to Z Challenge in April.

There's a link on the sidebar to the right to sign up.

Anyone who is anyone and some who are noone will be participating. You don't want to be left out!


  1. I will do my 8 albums next week just for you and Stephen! :o)

  2. I'm there. Hope all is great with you.

  3. I thought about the challenge. It should be fun, but I have some pending stuff with work, so I better bow out. I'll check the sites though.

  4. Thanks for being a champion of the cause. We are certainly destined to reach 500 paricipants. A few more enthusiastic bloggers like you and we might reach 600.
    I love the way you phrased it.

    Tossing It Out

  5. Jessica-

    Always interested to hear what others listen to!

    EV-If I hadn't done my posts in advance, I'd be in the same boat. I will have two sets of auditors on site in April auditing December numbers, with seven state regulatory filings due for first quarter numbers. If you have children, do not let them grow up to be accountants...

    Lee and Alex-

    Have you thought about how much time it's going to take to look a various people's sites during the month of April?

    The mind boggles!

    Based on the work situation I described above, I will have a hard time keeping up, but will try to visit each site at least once in the month.