Tuesday, July 29, 2014


On Tom Petty’s new album, Hypnotic Eye, the 63-year-old and his eternal Heartbreakers deliver their toughest, most straight-up rocking record in many years.

Three years in the making, Hypnotic Eye often sounds like buddies out on a weekend garage-jam bender, reminiscent of their first two records (1976’s Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers and 1978’s You’re Gonna Get It!).

The album is pretty good, although it does not meet the bar set by Mojo a few years ago.

One thing rubs me the wrong way.

Petty rails against the “one percent” in a Billboard interview this week, criticizing those wealthy people who “just want more.”

I know what he means.

For example, those wealthy aging rock stars greedily charging $200 a seat for their arena concerts!

Someone forgot to tell Petty that when you live in Malibu, YOU are the one percent!


  1. He doesn't know he IS the 1%... bwahahahaha.

  2. Springsteen is the same way....quote after quote denigrating the "rich..."

    Yet the people fall for this schtick as well...the notion that these guys understand the plight of the "working man."

    Interesting that they have never actually had a straight job....

  3. I hate to tell Petty, but I'm not paying that much for a concert. Although I have spent close to $85 for TSO tickets. (They're worth it though.)
    They understand the working man? Sure, and so do politicians.

    1. I get that if people are willing to pay it, it's a free market, etc.

      But to blast the "rich" while you're soaking up all that money to support your Malibu beachfront home...well is kind of hypocritical...I get tired of hearing celebrities moaning about the rich and meaning someone else..

      I saw Wolfmother Saturday night for $30. A young band with a solid catalog (3 albums plus an Andrew Stockdale solo disc)

      There are still concert values out there, and these bands are the future. I'd rather support that (even though I tend to be the oldest person in the audience at some of these shows).

  4. Don't you know all liberals have "except for me" sewn into their underwear elastic?

    1. It's a tough life living on the mean beaches of Malibu...

  5. The irony of that 1% stuff does not escape me either. The stars are great about talking about the have-nots and then living the high life for themselves. You won't find me spending any big bucks for concerts. You probably won't find me at concerts anymore for that matter.