Thursday, July 3, 2014


Finding music from off the beaten path... 

Sometimes a band name is so unique that I have to check the CD out.

Such was the case with this band.

How can you not want to listen to a band with the name "Spanking Charlene?"

If it were the 70’s, Spanking Charlene might be a New York counterpart to X, although they’re more diverse musically than a punk band. 

They capture the genre’s DIY gutter-poetry vibe with a distinctively New York snarl. 

Fronted by Charlene McPherson on vocals, the band takes an unapologetic feminist-hedonist stance, deploring the kind of shit women let guys get away with and sometimes offering a warm shoulder for any woman with the nerve to stick up for herself.

McPherson's outraged, wounded wail suits the material-As much as the lyrics find her berating herself for falling for some loser, it’s the loser she fell for who’s even stupider.

As is frequently the case with more obscure bands, there were only live clips available to post here...but the band's CD's are available here.

Catch you on the flip side....

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