Monday, August 3, 2015

IN THE VAULT 08/03/2015


  1. I enjoyed this all, but I have to say, I think what took me most by surprise was the opening of the track The High Side, which hit me instantly.

    He sings:
    Just above sea level
    in the summer of 72
    we were rolling up
    to gain altitude
    but on the road to Estes Park...

    A road trip song to Estes Park? Be still my heart! Estes Park, if you're not familiar, is a small mountain town here in Colorado, and in my opinion one of the most beautiful locations in the entire state.

    The city

    The surrounding scenery

    And he wrote a song about his summer in Estes Park. Favorite song of the album, hands down. And great overall album.

    1. Isn't there a music festival there later this fall?

    2. According to Google they have concerts in the summer and concerts in the winter, and an Autumn Gold festival in the fall, but none of those are really big events and they often just feature small local acts that no one's heard of. Just kind of a free community thing where people show up, buy some beers, eat some dogs, listen to local bluegrass, etc.

      Estes Park WOULD make a killer place for an actual music festival, though.