Sunday, September 11, 2016


When CW made his Labor Day post about a bonfire, I was looking for this album cover to append as a comment, planning to say that THIS is a bonfire.

This is the cover of one of my favorite albums, Utopia's Swing To The Right

The cover was inspired by a lot of album burning rallies that had been happening in the early 1980's, and while I knew that the picture could not have originally shown a Utopia record, I never had seen the original photo.

Until this week

Wow-Meet The Beatles is the devil's music!

I can see a Beach Boys' fan saying that, but come on, really?

All it takes is one narrow mind to rile up the masses and get people acting crazy. 

Or in the case of the current presidential campaign, two narrow minds.

I am scheduling this post for September 11 with intent. Today there will be a lot of remembrances of what was in fact a great tragedy, and they will undoubtedly be laced with a lot of jingoistic rhetoric that will not show Americans at their best.

Just as these album burning rallies, taking place over two decades, were laced with a lot of rhetoric that did not show Christians at their best.

What did Jesus say-love the sinner, hate the sin?

Not all Muslims want to bomb Americans.

And not all rock music is demonic. In fact, the stuff that is is generally so bad that it often does not sell until some narrow mind organizes a bonfire and gives it free publicity.

So when you are flag waving today, remember those who have fallen, but how about curbing the whole "death to ragheads" sentiment.

And play some rock and roll. 


  1. So well put. When I prayed this morning, I prayed God would clear our hearts of hate, and I was deliberately not specific. Too much time is spent analyzing people as groups without focusing on each heart. That's what "Project IS" is all about- defeating those that hate by praying for them.

  2. I remember the record burnings and it seems pretty dumb considering all the toxins released by burning plastic. Didn't realize the original photo source of the TR cover. I have that CD and it's a fun album cover.

    However I have no interest in promoting Islam and have to call it for what it is--anti-American and antithetical to Christianity. I hope our government curbs the entry of many more Muslims into our country as I think it's a danger to our way of life. Look at what's going on in Europe.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Don't you think most Muslims are working stiffs just like us, though? I agree that the extremists are a danger, and I get that there's no way to tell the difference, but I've always thought that most people are kind of "live-and-let-live."

    2. Sure most are just regular people taking care of their own lives and families. However, we should not be upholding this misguided ideology and increasing its numbers in our homeland. Islam is like a cancer. Look at what they believe and the history of what has been done in the name of Islam for the past 1400 years or so. Islam plants a seed that can burst open within its believers at any time. The extremism has a source and it it rooted in the tactics of the founders of the ideology.


    3. I could that there has been a lot of bad done in the name of Christianity. I just don't see how we could refuse to allow Muslims to immigrate and be true to the principles the country was founded on. I DO agree that we should stop harming majorities in this country for minorities (not allowing Christmas celebrations because there is one Muslim in a predominantly Christian school, for example).

  3. Once the fear of the "others" is released, it spreads and quickly. Even more in this age of connectivity.