Saturday, August 20, 2011



I was not familiar with UH until recently (well in the past couple of years), when Stephen T. McCarthy mentioned how their Demons & Wizards album had been a favorite of his in his rock days and he thought I'd like it based on my taste.

Stephen has since stopped listening to rock music, which I think accounts for all that angst on his blogs. But I did like the D&W album, so (as my addiction compels me to do) I set out to collect their back catalog.

Uriah Heep are an English rock band formed in 1969, and over the course of the bands' career there have been a number of line-up changes and different musical styles. The bands' influences include prog, hard rock and jazz and they were said to be the forerunners of the progressive metal scene.

With Into The Wild, most of the cast from 2008's excellent Wake The Sleeper album return, including producer Mike Paxman as well as the lineup of Mick Box, Trevor Bolder, Phil Lanzon, Bernie Shaw and Russell Gilbrook.

Into The Wild is a solid addition to the UH body of work, leaning more to an AOR sound than progressive rock, but with their signature sonic wall of sound wrapped around hooks and melodies with top notch production.

Bernie Shaw may not be the same type of vocalist that the late David Byron was during Heep's glory years, but after being the "new" lead singer for more than 20 years he's grown into the role.

Phil Lanzon plays the Hammond B-3 with the same kind of manic energy that Ken Hensley brought in the early 70s, and "new" drummer Russell Gilbrook brings a similar energy that seems to have re-energized the entire band.

All of the Heep trademarks are here, and there really is not a weak track on the album. Heep fans should like this, as well as fans of classic and melodic rock.

Nail On The Head

Kiss Of Freedom

Money Talk


  1. Ha! "Angst" on my blogs? Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Horace? There ain't no angst on my blogs; I'm so sweet and cuddly that I could almost be mistaken for a gay guy. (Well, maybe a gay Saguaro.)

    Yeah, the first Uriah Heep album I ever mentioned to you probably was 'Demons And Wizards', due to its YES-like album cover art. And I did like that one, but back when I was a UH fan, my favorite album was "High & Mighty". (I appreciated the Tiny Tim influences that could be found on it.)

    [2 of the 3 videos you included in this blog bit have been deleted.]

    After almost two decades of clearing my mind of all that poisonous Rock 'N' Roll and replacing it with Blues and then Jazz, you came along and got me back into those devil sounds. If I go to hell when I die, it will be YOUR fault! I was free, but you pulled me back in!

    However, you won't pull me so far in that I go back to buying UH albums again. THE DOORS is my limit now.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  2. Other than knowing the name, I really didn't know them either. That first song wasn't bad, so I think I will check them out, too. Not just the newer stuff, but the entire catalogue as well. It seems that you and I share the same affliction...


  3. Stephen- I just added new links, but the best I could find were live clips.

    Jimmy-it's a better addiction than drugs, at least, but it is an addiction.

    Their sound varied over the years, so I would recommend starting by sampling the decades (an album from each). "Demons & Wizards" is a must, ad this one and "Wake The Sleeper" are solid.

    Jimmy, if you have an interest in blues, I reviewed a disc by Slavin' David in early July. The reason I rbing it up is, I have a couple extra copies to give away and would be happy to mail one to you if you send me the mailing info.

    People have been less than responsive-I did not think I come off as a psycho-killer (ques que ce). Arlee Bird of "Tossing It Out" can vouch for me!


  4. Jimmy-

    I got your reply comment but decided not to post since it had your personal info on it. I will get that CD in the mail in the next couple of days.

    Hope you enjoy it!

  5. My friends and I used to listen to Uriah Heep repeatedly back in the early 70s. Loved that group. Even saw them in concert. I had no idea they were still recording.

    Tossing It Out

  6. Lee-

    It is a little funny seeing those old sixties and seventies rockers getting....well old.

    That would make you and I....let's not talk about it!