Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Peter Banks, best known as the original guitarist of Yes, ied last Thursday in his London home from heart failure. 
He was 65. 
Banks was reportedly found after failing to show up for a recording session.

After playing with bassist Chris Squire in the Syn, Banks and Squire helped form Yes in 1968. Banks played with Yes through their first two albums, 1969's Yes and 1970's Time and a Word, but disagreements over the direction of Time and a Word led to Banks' dismissal from Yes before the album's release.

After Yes, Banks formed Flash and released three studio albums with the group: 1972's Flash and In the Can and 1973's Out of Our Hands

He then formed Empire, releasing Mark I in 1973, Mark II in 1974 and Mark III in 1979. Banks also explored solo recordings, releasing his first solo album, Two Sides of Peter Banks, in 1973. 
He followed up with three more solo works in the Nineties with Instinct in 1994, Self-Contained in 1995 and Reduction in 1997. He was working on the live collection Flash – In Public at the time of his death.


  1. I saw that. Sixty-five is too young.

  2. Alex-

    Isn't it funny how that perspective changes?

    Not sure of your age, but at 51, I still remember when 30 seemed old.

    It won't be long before I am saying 75 is too young!

    But despite the fact that I always would confuse Peter and Tony Banks (Genesis), Banks was an excellent guitarist-his non-Yes work is worth checking out.


  3. It sure seems like a lot of musicians are dying lately. And YES, 65 is way too young.

    1. No argument from me, Susan...65 is gonna be here before I know it, if the last thirty years are any indication (they flew by).

      Sadly, the "old wave" of rock artists have all hit the age where "natural causes" are going to have their way.

      I wonder if Roger Daltry still espouses the line "Hope I die before I get old..."