Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Boldly exploring the outer limits of this CD collection...

Another CD I pulled off the shelves after a long absence from the CD changer is the debut album from Slo Leak.

Slo Leak was (is?) the nearly decade long musical collaboration of Charlie Karp and Danny Kortchmar.  It combines a mix of blues, rhythm and blues and funk.

Danny Kortchmar is one of the most famous people you've likely never heard of. He has either been in, played on, toured with, written or produced Jackson Browne, The Eagles, Don Henley, Linda Rondstadt, Billy Joel, Bon Jovi and more.

Charlie Karp was a 15 year-old prodigy who left school to play guitar for Buddy Miles. He recorded and toured with Buddy for years, in addition to Meatloaf and Aerosmith among others

Together, they produced three albums worth of blues that were all well-polished diamonds-in-the-rough.

This is blues from that strange breed of Americans that worship the genre.

Sadly, the albums went largely unnoticed.

Below are the only clips I was able to find on You Tube.

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