Friday, July 19, 2013


I've talked about Marillion on these pages before, and how they paved the way for efforts like Kickstarter with their revolutionary approach to pre-order campaigns .

In this video, Marillion's Mark Kelly talks about how he came up with the idea of having the fans fund the recording process, and how three different campaigns resulted in a return to the Top Ten UK charts after a twenty year absence.


  1. Replies
    1. Susan-this is a band who really knows how to interact with their fan base.

      Long ago left for dead by the record labels, they have had a fairly impressive run the last two decades, all due to diehards like me.

  2. The fans funded their work? Now that is amazing. I suppose if Rush need some cash to make another album, I would help.

    1. Alex-

      As one of the fans, I never saw it as much different than prepaying for the album.

      One of the reasons I push the bands I do (Rundgren, Marillion, Spock's Beard) is that they really live album to album and I want to (selfishly) make sure they keep on recording.

      Rush, of course, does not need the help. So I do not post about them as much.