Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I first heard about these guys from the Thrift Store Music blog , and happened upon the CD the other day while sorting through the "C's" in my collection in my recent effort at reclaiming shelf space (pulling CD and artwork out of jewel cases and putting into clear plastic sleeves). Convoy was a short lived California-based rock band, who, to my knowledge, only released the one disc, Black Licorice, in 2001.

This was another one of those bands I found in the Zia Records bargain bin (cheap CD's are the main reason I need to spend countless hours pulling CD's out of jewel cases), and it was a fortuitous find, as the CD is an amazing blend of rock, pop, country, and couple of other flavors all woven together with some killer hooks and harmonies. These guys are old fashioned rock and roll with the swagger and attitude of the Stones and melodies that could have come from a Badfinger album.

This is a must have for those who appreciate song craft and musicianship. While you might be quick to call Convoy retro in the vein of Black Crowes or Lenny Kravitz, the band has done a good job of filtering their influences into a sound that is all their own. You'll hear echoes of Beach Boys, Beatles, Stones, Gram Parsons and even more modern acts like Wilco, and by the time the needle lifts from the grooves (okay, it's a CD, but the needle thing sounds better), you'll be rejoicing for the rebirth of rock.

Sadly, radio and critics did not wake up to this band-this was their lone release. Buy it if you know what's good for you!

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