Saturday, February 12, 2011


Review originally posted on on July 19, 2008

It has a while since Motley Crue have released any new material, and their last couple of studio albums have not been among their strongest. I had heard a lot of pre-release hype that indicated that "Saints of Los Angeles" would be a return to form. After much too long of a wait, 8 years to be exact, we finally have a new Motley Crue disc with all new material.

It sounds like the band was looking for an epic opening, but the lead track ("L.A.M.F.) was not it. In fact, it probably could have been left off of the album and not missed. The second cut, "Face Down in the Dirt," would have been better served leading off the new disc, as it is a hard rocking tune and one of the better tracks on the effort.

The remaining tracks run from filler to stand out cuts, and highlights for me were the title track and "Going Out Swinging," which closes the album.

Not their best work, but certainly a strong return to form and I recommend it for fans of the genre.


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