Tuesday, February 22, 2011


One of my essential Todd solo albums, "The Ballad Of Todd Rundgren" is less experimental and more accessible than Rundgren's debut. Although the solo debut had a pretty solid single in "We Got To Get You A Woman," this follow-up may be his mellowest and most straightforward production.

Musically very solid, it's stuffed with wispy, richly harmonized piano ballads that tread so close to Carole King's Tapestry it's downright distracting ("A Long Time, A Long Way To Go"; "Hope I'm Around"; the awesomely tuneful "The Ballad (Denny And Jean)" and "Be Nice To Me"). He also dabbles in other genres, with a clever, gently waltzing cowboy sendup ("The Range War") and the haunting, jazzy open spaces of "Boat On The Charles" (where he plays both vibes and sax).

Rundgren's melodies have never been more ornate, and there are a few mid-tempo rock 'n' rollers mixed in with the ballads.
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