Friday, December 26, 2014


The other day, when I said I was done with Christmas music posts, I was not entirely forthcoming.

It was a fib. 

A mistruth. 

A falsehood.

I lied to you.

You see, the Christmas season does not END on December 25. If you are Catholic, that is when the Christmas season actually begins (the weeks leading up to Christmas are Advent).

Since air travel did not exist back in 4 B.C. (which was the year Herod died and presumably the year Jesus Christ was actually born), those three wise men traveled by camel to Bethlehem.

These were kings from the Orient (it says so in the Christmas carol).

As you might imagine, the journey took some time. 

These guys did not see the star and arrive at the manger the same night. 

They would have needed the Concorde for that (which they probably could have afforded had it been invented yet).

Hence the twelve days of Christmas, which represent the elapsed time between Jesus' birth and the Epiphany (celebrated by the Catholic Church on January 6), when the wise men arrived at the manger.

With gold, frankincense and myrrh. What is myrrh, anyway?

I digress.

In short, you get twelve more days of Christmas CD posts from me.

And I have plenty of CD's to choose from-I have barely touched on my collection.

Today I am going to clue you in on a CD that duplicates the title of a prior post, but this CD was offered up in 2013 by Susan Boyle, the unlikely winner of Britain's Got Talent. 

In the music industry that churns out slender young scantily-clad vixens without much of a voice, a middle-aged Catholic woman who was...well...normal...but has an exceptional voice...actually received her due, was awarded a record contract, and has sold millions of records, even outselling Taylor Swift worldwide in 2009.

I loved the fact that Ms. Boyle has been so successful, as it proves that some people actually value the quality of a voice over a dress size.

The tracks below feature Boyle's posthumous duet with The King (no, not Jesus....the other King) and her duet with Johnny Mathis.



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