Saturday, May 18, 2019


Maybe not everything....but a lot.

Like many people, I had a plan.

I was going to work until age 57, retire, and open a record/CD store.

Last year, I turned 57, but thanks to Napster, downloading, streaming and the way today's yewts listen to music, opening a record store won't cover the cost of health care and food (although if I ate less food I would probably need less health care).

However, I had amassed a collection upwards of 25,000 CD's and found that that was an obstacle to my desire to downsize residences.

What to do?

For some years I sold CD's on eBay and Amazon when I had duplicates. During 2018 I started ramping that up, and by my 57th birthday I decided to use online websites for my store rather than a brick and mortar location.

There are currently about 4,000 titles on Amazon and another 2,000 on Discogs. 

I still use eBay but usually for higher ticket items. I found that most eBay users want to haggle, and since some of these titles go for $3.00, I just had no interest in trading messages when all that was in play was a quarter.

As of today (May 18, 2019), I am only just starting to go through the letter H...there's a lot of alphabet to go.

I am adding titles every day-there are roughly 24,000 titles in my collection and while not all of them must go, a lot do. 

Most of them are in like new condition and many of them are priced as low as $3.00.

So check these sites out often-you will undoubtedly find something of interest. 

And tell your friends. 

And your enemies. 

And everyone in between.

Some of you bloggers who were BOTB participants while I was active may be amused to see artists that may have made their way into my collection from your posts...or were they already in the collection? Should be fun to ponder, so go check out what I have on offer.