Monday, August 7, 2017


Last summer, I did a post  about a new record that got its inspiration from the 1960's girl group sound

Quite a few of you reacted favorably to the sample tracks, and I am going to give you a chance to put your money where your keyboard is and become a backer of the on their follow-up.

Charlie Faye and the Fayettes hail from Austin, but the album had more in common with the Ronettes than Stevie Ray Vaughan. The album charted on Billboard's Americana chart, and the band did some touring, and now they are getting ready to head back into the studio, but they need your help.

I am hoping those of you who reacted favorably last year would consider pledging the new record. 

Heck, if money's tight, a measly $10 gets you the download. $10 bucks-that's like buying a girl a drink at a bar.

A $16 pledge gets you a CD and a download. $16 bucks-that's a home delivery pizza. Can you play a pizza in the CD player in your car? No! What does that tell you?

$21 gets you a signed CD and a download. You can pretend you're buying all three girls a drink for $21 and they'll even mail you a CD! When's the last time someone in a bar did that for you?

If you commented you knew someone who liked the girl group sound, maybe you'd consider doing the pledge as a gift to that someone.

Here's the link to the pledge campaign-this one is for real-the band needs the support.

I started this blog years ago to help up and coming bands get exposure. 

Over the years I have gotten a lot of comments that people might check the band I featured out-this time I'm asking you to really do it.

For selfish reasons-I want the new record to come out. I pledged for a signed CD.

This band needs the exposure, and every little bit will help.

Whaddya say?

Here's that link again!