Saturday, August 9, 2008

Still Selling After All These Years-Pink Floyd "Dark Side Of The Moon"

The statistics, as Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason puts it, “make staggering reading.”

In the 35 years that have elapsed since the March 1973 release of The Dark Side Of The Moon, this one LP has sold in excess of 40 million copies worldwide.

Recent figures insist that one household in four in the U.K. owns a copy of either the LP, CD or cassette; in the United States, one person in 14 either owns, or has owned, a copy.

While The Dark Side of the Moon only ever spent seven days at the top of the Billboard album charts, still it remained on those listings for a staggering 741 weeks before a change in the way the charts were compiled, in April 1988, shifted it to the Pop Catalog chart, and its dominance continued there.

In May 2006, The Dark Side of the Moon achieved a combined total of 1,500 weeks on the Billboard 200 and Pop Catalog charts, with the Wall Street Journal reporting that it continues to sell close to 10,000 copies every week.

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