Friday, February 24, 2012


If you read my review of (re)Production, you got that I was not overwhelmed with Todd Rundgren's last studio effort.

I like the CD of the live Todd concert show from 2010 much better (have not watched the DVD as I type this), but heard a rumour that Todd's next effort is a duets album.

The project is partly inspired by the success of his collaboration with old Philadelphia friend Daryl Hall on "Live from Daryl's House," not once but twice!

Does that mean we'll see a collection of blue-eyed soul duets with Hall and other great singers, possibly Todd's twist on the great American songbook?

Have you paid attention to Todd's career?

According to Todd, "There are no known names. I will be singing duets with people that are YouTube phenomena - writing songs specifically for each of them. It's my cunning way to ensure that the project is a success..."

At least he's writing the songs-a step back in the right direction after the last record.

Buy the Todd CD and DVD here!


  1. Sounds like a unique collaboration. I was reading the other day about someone who had written a novel that was inspired by one of Todd's early songs. Now I can't remember the song, book, or author, but I commented on the blog that I read this on.

    I hate this new comment system with no notifications. If you respond here I will probably forget to look and won't see it. I guess I'll probably stop responding to comments on my blog and do it by email unless Blogger changes it back.


  2. Lee-

    TR always does it his way.

    If you happen to come across that post, I'd be interested in reading it.

    There was a movie in the mid-80's featuring Griffin Dunne that had a soundtrack of all TR songs. The movie itself was decent-a romance called, if memory serves me, "Cold Feet." I never have seen it on VHS or DVD.

    A lot of people in the arts cite Todd as an influence or one of their passions, but mainstream success eluded him.

    WHile I am glad he's still chugging at 63, I don't think he's going to hit it big in his golden years!

    But I'm going to see him in Tucson on April Fools Day!


  3. I have not followed Todd's career. I am embarrassed to say that I don't know who he is. But any friend of Daryl's...

  4. Captain (I'm saluting, but not standing on my desk!)-

    You would probably know several of Todd's tunes if you heard them.

    "Hello It's Me" was his signautre hit.

    "Love Is The Answer" and "Can We Still Be Friends" were hits for others.

    And "Bang The Drum All Day" is a Friday end-of-day commute staple, as well as the music played after NFL teams score a touchdown.

    When the single "Kiss On My List" was released from the H&O 'Voices" album, I heard it on the radio and was sure there was a new Todd album out-that's how close their sound was, both having roots in the Philadelphia International soul sound.

    Todd took many detours that were less than commercially viable, so the success Daryl Hall had eluded him.

    But if you ever come across either "Hermit Of Mink Hollow" or "Nearly Human" in a used CD bin, but them.

    If you don't like them, I'll but them from you.

    They're both that good.


  5. That Eric Carmen song is so hauntingly sad. Pink Floyd is still a great listen. Have a great weekend :)

  6. Keep Me in Your Heart just slayed me! :-( You've got a fantastic list here. Cats in the Cradle made mine too.