Friday, June 15, 2012


With so many posts about deaths lately, I am pleased to bring some news about a band finding new life!

ENCHANT, the San Francisco Bay area's long-running Prog Rock institution, has finally returned to the scene they once helped shape and establish! Originally founded in 1989 and with seven studio albums under their belt, it's been a long silence for ENCHANT since their last official release, the Live At Last 2CD/2DVD set from 2004.

ENCHANT is currently at work on an overdue, brand-new studio album, and have signed a new longterm worldwide deal with their perennial label-partner, InsideOut Music.

"It's been way too long!" says Douglas A. Ott, main songwriter and guitarist of ENCHANT. "We had to take time off from ENCHANT because a lot was going on in all of our lives. Divorces, marriages, kids, separations... finally the band is stable again and ready to get going on the new album!"

Ott furthermore adds, "Everyone is really excited and looking forward to the process again. I'm currently doing preproduction and putting together demos of the new material and very shortly I'll start recording the real tracks. We're taking our time and really focusing on the writing and arranging of this new material."

Thomas Waber, founder and label manager of InsideOut Music, comments on the return of ENCHANT as follows: "InsideOut Music as a label has a long history with ENCHANT and I am very happy that they are making a new album right now. Hopefully we can add many more fond memories to the relationship! It's great to have them back!"

A new ENCHANT studio album is in its songwriting and pre-production stages right now and is expected to be available for an early 2013 release via InsideOut Music.

During the hiatus, vocalist Ted Leonard has toured and recorded with SPOCK'S BEARD (new album due Fall 2012), as well as contributing lead vocals on albums by THOUGHT CHAMBER and AFFECTOR (debut album Harmagedon out now on InsideOut Music). 

 ENCHANT Discography:

A Blueprint Of The World - CD 1995
Wounded - CD 1996
Time Lost - CD 1997
Break - CD 1998
Juggling 9 Or Dropping 10 - CD 2000
Blink Of An Eye - CD 2002
Tug Of War - CD 2003
Live At Last - 2CD/2DVD 2004

ENCHANT Line-Up 2012:

Ted Leonard - Lead vocals
Douglas Ott - Guitars and backing vocals
Ed Platt - Bass guitar and bass pedals
Bill Jenkins - Keyboards
Sean Flanegan - Drums


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