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MARILLION have posted a new song, "Power", from their forthcoming album, online.

"We're just putting the finishing touches to 'Sounds That Can't Be Made' before we head off to Amsterdam, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Oslo and Bergen. There are still tickets available for all shows and we know it's been raining as much in Europe as it has been in the UK, so come along to one of the shows and shelter from the rain!

In the meantime, there is still time to support us by pre-ordering Sounds That Can't Be Made directly from our online shop. We really do appreciate all the faith and love you give us - it continues to astound us every day.

As a thank you - we would like to share the final version of one of the songs from the album - it's called 'Power' and you can listen to it now. This video also features all the titles of the songs too! (see below)

Please share this to your friends and family - spread the word!

We hope you enjoy it and see you all soon...."

Marillion were pioneers in the use of the internet to reach out directly to their fan base.

After the release of their 1997 album, the band, virtually ignored by their label, could not afford to make tour stops in the United States. Their dedicated US fan base decided to solve the problem by raising some $60,000 online to bring the band over the pond.

The band decided that they would try a radical experiment by asking their fans if they would help fund the recording of the next album by pre-ordering it before recording even started. The result was over 12,000 pre-orders which raised enough money to record and release their 2001 effort, Anoraknophobia

The success of Anoraknophobia allowed the band to start recording their next album, but they decided to leverage their fanbase once again to help raise money towards marketing and promotion of a new album. The band put up the album for pre-order in mid-production. This time fans responded by pre-ordering 18,000 copies.

Marbles was released in 2004 with a 2-CD version that is only available at Marillion's website – kind of a 'thank-you' gesture to the over 18,000 fans who pre-ordered it, and as even a further thanks to the fans, their names were credited in the sleeve notes (this 'thank you' to the fans also occurred with the previous album).
Marbles became the band’s most critically acclaimed album in more than a decade, prompting many positive reviews in the press.

The band released "You're Gone" as the lead single from the album, releasing it in three separate formats and encouraged fans to buy a copy of each format to get it into the UK top ten. The single reached No. 7, the first time a Marillion song had reached the UK top ten since 1987.

The second single from the album, "Don‘t Hurt Yourself", reached #16, and a download-only single, "The Damage (live)", was the highest new entry in the new UK download chart at number 2.

Not bad for a bunch of guys staring down a small incline at fifty!

Happiness Is The Road, released in October 2008, again featured a pre-order "deluxe edition" with a list of the fans who bought in advance, and a more straightforward regular release.

Before the album's release, Marillion achieved a world first by pre-releasing their own album via P2P networks themselves.

Upon attempting to play the downloaded files, users were shown a video from the band explaining why they had taken this route.

Downloaders were then able to opt to purchase the album at a user-defined price or select to receive DRM-free files for free, in exchange for an email address.

The band explained that although they do not support piracy, they realised their music would inevitably be distributed online anyway, and wanted to attempt to engage with p2p users and make the best of the situation

Their seventeenth studio album will be titled Sounds That Can't Be Made and is scheduled for release in September 2012

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