Saturday, August 2, 2014


For months I have been pissing and moaning about how to get my own clips onto the blog, and it turns out I had the answer all along.

All I had to do was click my mouse buttons together three times and say, "There's no software like Adobe Soundbooth"

I am interested in your feedback, however.

Yesterday, I noticed a lot of comments that focused on the video portion of clips. 

That struck me, because I am usually listening to these while working, so the video window is in the background while I am working (I actually do work from time to time).

Plus, I was the generation before MTV. 

If I wanted an MTV experience, I had to get high and go to a concert. 

The idea of sitting and watching videos on TV never really resonated with me.

Although now that you can't (Ever watch MTV lately? Is there ever any music content?), I kind of miss it.

But enough foolishness-my question...

How important is the video to people? 

If I put my own clips up, they will only be the audio.

However, they will be the intended audio.

Case in point-this is the original Badfinger studio version of "Without You intended to be part of yesterday's post.

I'd appreciate your feedback-would you listen to clips like this, or is the video portion important to you?


  1. Since this is about the song, I think this is an excellent audio. I mean idea. Ha!

    1. I would tend to agree, Robin, but wanted to see what readers had to say.

      There are some songs I have wanted to do that I was unable to find at all on You Tube-now I can feature them.

  2. Frankly, I listen while I'm working on other things, so unless I'm missing a hot chick, I don't care. To put it another way, I follow another site which they exclusively use something that has no picture window, just the start bar, and I'm fine with that.

    1. I tried to find a solution like that CW-so far this is the only thing I have come up with that has actually worked.

      At some point, Blogger may object to the file sizes...

    2. IDK nothing about the technical stuff. The guy in question uses something called DivShare. Maybe worth looking into if you haven't already.

  3. Sure I'd listen to them -- it's intended to be about the audio, right? If you felt the need to have at least SOME visuals, simply insert a photo of the album cover and hold it there throughout the entire video.

    1. Chris-is there a way to do that within Soundbooth?

      Right now, I am taking an MP3 file and saving it as an MPG file.

      I would like to add the album cover.

    A couple things...

    First of all, 'BOTB' was intended from its inception as being "about the music", so as far as I'm concerned, the visuals SHOULDN'T COUNT (even if they sometimes do sway some voters one way or another).

    When I've had YouTube options to choose from, I have ALWAYS selected the song video with the least amount of imagery, so it would force voters to focus ENTIRELY on the music.

    I have the ability to focus solely on the audio and evaluate it regardless of what my eyes are seeing at the same time. So, it could just be a big black square, a single photo of the album cover, or an A-list video of puppy dogs licking rainbows, and it will not affect my vote one whit. (Hell, it could even be a video of gorgeous women sans a stitch of clothing and it STILL wouldn't change my vote... more than 2.5 bra sizes.)

    So, I say, USE YOUR OWN AUDIO CLIPS and acquire a peaceful, easy feeling.

    Lastly... this Badfinger (original) version of 'WITHOUT YOU' is far superior to the live version you had in the official 'BOTB' blog bit. I might have voted for this over Mariah Carey. BUT... I will also say that had the Nilsson cover also been included, he STILL would have gotten my vote.

    Why? The Badfinger original is quite good, but the lyrics are expressing a deep emotion that a single individual is experiencing and expressing. When Badfinger includes vocal harmony, it kind of ruins that effect on the listener (THIS listener, anyway).

    The Nilsson take on the song seems much, much more personal and "real" because it is his voice alone - solo - making the confession. It's a very personal lament, and as soon as Badfinger introduces the "other" voices harmonizing, it pulls me right out of belief in the song.

    A lot of musicians don't consider these sorts of things when they record songs, but they DO make an impact - for better or for worse - on some listeners.

    It's a good song that Badfinger composed. But Harry Nilsson's arrangement (without unnecessary and distracting harmonizing) made it better. And that's probably one reason why Nilsson scored a #1 Billboard hit with it, while most people (including folks like me who have better-than-average musical knowledge) do not even realize that Badfinger, and not Harry Nilsson, wrote the song.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. Which is kind of my theme lately-songs that are mega-popular to such an extent that people do now know who did the original.

  5. Can I change my vote?

    I don't usually pay a whole lot of attention to the videos in BOTB unless, of course I'm told not to. Ha!

    In all reality I don't think that they play an important part in my decision/vote. But the quality of the sound does. Especially when they are pitted against one that has a real good quality sound.

    I said in your BOTB post that I really wanted to vote for Badfinger, but the sound was so bad, it was hard to listen to (I admit I didn't let it play out to the end). Had this been posted instead - yes, Yes, and YES they would have garnered my vote.

    So...the long and short of it is - For me anyway - the video doesn't really matter EXCEPT for the sound quality. I'm real glad you found a way to fix this little glitch.

    1. At least until I start taking up so much space that Blogspot cuts me off

  6. I usually am doing something else while I listen to BOTBs, but even so, I always make sure to minimize the video so I don't see anything. I don't want to be swayed by the video itself... whether good or bad.

    Since that's pretty much what I'm already doing, I'd absolutely listen to the one like you posted above.

    1. Thanks Bryan-

      While You Tube is still easier, this opens up a lot more possibilities...

  7. Nice. I listen to music when I work, and watch the video if the music is intriguing enough I want to see what the artists did with a video. I guess it all depends on my mood and what I need to get out of the music :)

  8. For me, music is all about... the sound. What a concept, eh? If I listen to music with my ears and heart, the interpretation and appreciation of it is my own. Videos try to skew the interpretation to someone else's image of what the music means or is trying to say.

    I listened to some of the music on your newer posts, but there was no place there for me to comment. (?) So I backtracked until I could. (Can't shut ME up!)

    1. Since those two posts were essentially advertisements for those concert events, I turned off the comments.

      I mainly put them out there in case a Google search pulls the page up to give the concerts a little more publicity (those bands rarely tour the US, and I would expect that even in their respective markets promotion will be minimal).

  9. Great sound! I didn't listen to the clip you used on the BOTB post since this song is embedded in my brain due to having listened to that great album so much.

    I often don't watch the videos though sometimes they are interesting. As StMc pointed out, BOTB is about the music and that's what really counts. The video is just an extra.

    I'll have to check into this Adobe thing since a lot of songs I'd like to use are not on YouTube.

    Tossing It Out

    1. Soundbooth is a little pricey, so I'd recommend trying to find an older version as long as it's compatible with your machine (unless you think you'll use all of the features).

      I barely scratch the surface of what it can do.

      I wonder if there's freeware that will do this-all I am doing is saving an MP3 files as an MPG video file.