Monday, February 23, 2015

IN THE VAULT 02/23/2015

Some of you got an e-mail explaining what The Vault is....

A classic show....often bootlegged, finally released...I guess he's funding college for his great-grandchildren...


  1. The recordings I listened to revived my interest in Springsteen. Thanks for the new insight. Good to see you back on here.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    A Faraway View

    1. Lee-

      I probably won't post much more content than is above, but will still drop by other's blogs (been trying to reduce my time in front of a video screen).

      While these posts will be similar to those "what I am listening to" posts I did last year, their purpose is more of a notification to the audience I emailed than to the wider audience of followers (although followers who are dying to know what the Vault is can always e-mail me and ask to be let into the Circle of Trust).

      While I like Bruce's studio work, he has always been at his best live, and in those early days I thought the shows were something special (alternate song versions, covers, stories).

      Back in the seventies, I used to pay through the nose for bootleg live recordings on LP, then on CD.

      Why Springsteen has waited until now (when the market for this stuff has to be smaller than it would have been then) is a mystery to me.

      Check out his site ( for other live titles-there's a Tower Theater (Philly) show that he just released.

      Next week will be something completely different...

  2. I did get the email, and I'm sorry for not responding. I haven't felt well. Can you tell????

    Anyway, I still haven't taken the time I need to figure out how to navigate Google Drives. I'm pretty sure the stuff is there. It's just getting to it. I feel that way about plenty of junkola in my brain. It's there. How do I access it? Anyway, I will be keeping up with what's in the vault so that when the day comes...

    1. No problem-a response wasn't necessary and I figured you might be under the weather (sorry to hear I was right).

      In fact, I was getting ready to fire off a message checking in when you posted your BOTB post Sunday

      Hang in there, and I hope you get some relief soon...