Saturday, September 12, 2015


The title of the new song by Lucero made me think of a series of posts Stephen T. McCarthy did a few years back about Los Angeles.

The lyrics are not bad, but I did not think they lived up to the promise of the title (although, to be fair, after you name drop Zevon, you're kind of setting yourself up for a fall).

But I still think it's a pretty good advance song from their new record, due September 18.

Decide for yourself.

Order the album here:


  1. LC ~
    Hmmmmm... this one could maybe grow on me, but it would take several listenings, I'm sure.

    I tried to find the lyrics posted on some website but came up wid nuttin'. And it's not easy to hear all the words he's singing.

    I never heard of this guy before. Is he considered to be an A-list performer today?

    He should have checked with me before booking his flight. I know of a few very obscure Warren Zevon sites that the average fan probably wouldn't.

    As I type, my Sister Bonehead is in L.A. showing her boyfriend all the notable Rock 'N' Roll-related places out there because he's not been there since about age 7.

    How you doin', LC? When you comin' back to BOTB?

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

  2. I do like the band (Lucero), but no way the lyrics could have ever lived up to the title.

    The band is far from A list, although I am not even sure how that would be defined these days.

    I think I am the only dinosaur left who is actually still buying albums, and with sales of 7,000 getting Springsteen a top 40 record (number 31 the week of May 14, 2014), I am probably responsible for the bottom third of the Billboard 200.

    When I saw the title, I immediately thought of your old blog series and got online to check it out again.

    Maybe you should write the lyrics to "Looking For Tom Waits' L.A."

    No complaints here-the heat seems to have broken a little.

    Quite frankly, for me BOTB was getting stale.

    Blogging in general was getting stale for the same reason.

    The same handful of people would leave comments with insight, and the rest were usually somewhat superficial and the results generally predictable.

    I enjoy BOTB more as a pressure, no obligation.