Monday, November 9, 2015


Not sure how I first heard of Jamie N Common, but although the name sounds like a rapper, the music is not.

He seems to only have one piece of music available, Rumble And Sway, an EP ("extended play") from 2013.

Isn't it funny that they call a CD with only six songs on it an "extended play?"

I digress.

The record is pretty darn good, but as of this writing (early October, 2015), there's no follow-up. A couple of guest appearances with Eminem and X Ambassadors, but no full length from the man himself.

Maybe if my legion of followers starts calling their local radio stations, we can change this.

Probably not.

Here is one sixth of the album, Have A Little Faith.

....and here's an acoustic version

The rest is in the Vault.


  1. I feel dumb. I thought it was a group thing - Jamie 'N Commons. After googling him I see that's just his full name. Ha! And yeah, don't you hate when an artist does something amazing but only releases a tiny EP and nothing else for years? That's my way of saying I love this, I bought it, and now I'm sad I can't get any more. It's got a great almost hip-hoppy sound to it.

    1. Plus I think I read the EP was why no follow-up?

  2. This is a new artist to me. I remember the song though I guess from a John Hiatt album. I would imagine someone else must have covered this song as well. Sounds like a BOTB post in the making.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. I keep giving you the BOTB fodder, Lee-run with it!

      I prefer being a BOTB spectator-it was geeting to be too much to both remember to do the post and to hit all the blogs. Now I can just hit the blogs I normally follow and browse others if I find time. After 8-9 hours a day in front of a computer at work, I find I have had enough of monitors.