Friday, February 10, 2017


Singer/songwriter Brigitte DeMeyer and acclaimed instrumentalist Will Kimbrough have been friends and musical collaborators for several years, working together on and off on various projects and with other notables. DeMeyer got her start in Mojo Nixon’s band prior to venturing on her solo career, and Kimbrough’s resume includes Will & The Bushmen, The Bis-quits and solo efforts as well as production (Todd Snider, Josh Rouse).  His songs have been covered by the likes of Todd Snider, Jimmy Buffett and Little Feat.

Through all of their experience, they have developed the necessary synergy it takes to combine their talents and create Mockingbird Soul, an album that represents a singular vision and their first effort in tandem.

In hearing the way they blend their voices, it’s a little  remarkable that they haven’t embarked on a joint venture before now. The album blends elements of blues, soul and Americana, with nods to the sounds of the Louisiana bayou and the grittier southern surroundings that originally birthed the blues.

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  1. Not my kind of music, but they do blend really well.
    Envious you've seen Haken - twice. They come anywhere near me, I'm going. What a treasure of a musical find.